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Meet Our Expert Mindfulness Trainers

Zdjęcie profilowe gong


Mindfulness Courses for Children and Adults

Jestem certyfikowaną instruktorką i trenerką uważności, ze specjalizacją w technikach bezpiecznych w przypadkach traumy, nerwic lękowych oraz ataków paniki.

Od ponad 12 lat prowadzę grupowe sesje relaksacyjne i kąpieli w dźwiękach mis i gongów oraz uczę praktyki uważności.
Jestem masażystką z 12 letnim doświadczeniem. Specjalizuje się w masażach ciążowych, Lomi- Lomi oraz refleksoterapii twarzy.

Professional Experience and Education 

Trauma sensitive training

  • I was awarded the Mindful Schools Curriculum trainer certification in 2014 and have a background in various curriculums intended for children and adolescents, continuously learning and expanding my knowledge in this area.

    My mindfulness courses are uniquely designed to reflect on my experience in working with children and adults for over 12 years. I continue to expand my knowledge and bring new information into my courses. I have a particular interest in neuroeducation, psychology, promoting well-being at schools, and neurodiversity.

    I hold the  QQI Level 6 - Training Delivery and Evaluation “Train the Trainer” certificate, which is the basis for training people in professional competencies in Ireland.

  • Instructor certificate - Training to teach the Buteyko method to children, teenagers, and adults. Breathing re-education for respiratory conditions, sleep, and mental health -100 hours of theory and practical instruction.

  • I hold a certificate of Clinical Trauma Specialist from Trauma Institute International and regularly attend conferences and webinars on the topics of trauma-informed and sensitive mindfulness.

Training and Education Involving Work with Children

Training and Education in Massage Therapy

My training and education involving work with children include:


  • QQI Level 5 Early Childcare Education,

  • QQI Level 5 Children with additional skills  SNA training,

  • QQI Level 6 Therapeutic Play Skills,

  • Occupational First Aid and Paediatric First Aid,

  • Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Diploma,

  • Massage in Schools Programme instructor certification,

  • Rhythmical Alchemy Drumming Facilitation Skills from Arthur Hull,

  • Sound Relaxation in Schools from the College of Sound Healing,

  • Facial Reflex Therapy for children with anxiety, ASD, and ADHD.


Amongst other training related to relaxation, sound healing, child development, yoga Nidra, and other trauma-sensitive related techniques, Tui Na is for children with additional needs.


I also have extensive training in different types of massage, including: 


  • Diploma in holistic, sport, preventive, relaxation, and classical massage 120h of activity in 2007,

  • Diploma in Pregnancy and childbirth massage from WellMother in the UK in 2012, 

  • Lomi- Lomi pregnancy massage,

  • Lomi- Lomi Nui training with Louise Kleu and Susan Floyd from Hawaii starting from 2008 until 2012, Hawaiian Bodywork,

  • Traditional Thai massage Practitioner certificate 90h training with the Sunshine Network in Chiang Mai/ Thailand 2008,

  • Therapeutic Use of singing bowls and Sound Massage according to traditional Himalayan lineage, massage for children,

  • Tui Na

  • Facial Reflex Therapy for a number of emotional, mental health, and physical imbalances, including ASD and ADHD.

Mindfulness Support for Women During Pregnancy and Postpartum

I support women who have experienced birth trauma, and postpartum depression, and I promote gentle birth techniques and mindfulness to support the mindful birth and well-being of mothers during postpartum.

Relaxation & Meditation Workshops for Children and Groups

I have been delivering workshops for children in Ireland since 2009. Promoting mindfulness and relaxation in schools, communities, events, summer camps, and family residential holidays.​I have been working with groups since 2011, teaching mindfulness relaxation, and meditation, organising sound baths, providing mindfulness courses, and training in English and Polish.

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness in Schools

I train teachers in Ireland and in Poland in promoting emotional intelligence and mindfulness in schools. My courses are also aimed at professionals, psychologists, doctors, group training instructors, therapists, parents, all those who want to develop professionally towards becoming mindfulness instructors, and all those who are looking to set themselves free from stress and anxiety and learn how to look after their own wellbeing and happiness.

Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety

My personal experiences inspired me to search for methods, techniques, and therapies that could help me cope with stress and thyroid anxiety, trauma, and panic attacks. Among many of them, I found Vipassana meditation and mindfulness that played the greatest role in the process of my healing.

My Mission - Creating Safe & Inclusive Spaces For Mindfulness Practitioners

I have been practicing meditation since 2011 and attending silent meditation retreats regularly. My mission is to spread awareness about mindfulness and make sure that the whole context of the practice is taken into consideration. With the growing popularity of the practice, there is also a responsibility for providing accurate knowledge and support to practitioners and instructors. I focus on offering a trauma-sensitive approach to mindfulness and promoting safe practice amongst diverse groups of participants, and children in the school environment. My field of interest is anxiety, PTSD, panic attack healing modalities, and stress management.


I am a mother of two boys, one of whom is neurodivergent with ASD and ADHD, and I always look for new ways to support him and create support for other parents and their children.

Katarzyna Krzywon
Lukasz Krzywon


A Multi-Talented Musician, Artist, Writer, and Philosopher's Journey

Jestem muzykiem, artystą, pisarzem, filozofem i instruktorem mindfulness. Pochodzę z Polski. Mieszkam w Irlandii od 2005 roku

Uwielbiam pracę z ludźmi, budowanie i ułatwianie więzi, promowanie dobrego samopoczucia, kreatywności i krytycznego myślenia.

Engaging Communities Through Arts

I am a musician,  artist, and writer. I published two books: "Hidden shine. In the world of Carlos Castaneda" (2005), and "Philosophising with children. Handbook for facilitating philosophical inquiry with children and young people" (2019). Both books were published in Polish.  Think Tanglers Cards Set for teaching children creative thinking (2022).

Meditation, Tai Chi, and Sound for Well-Being

I had my first powerful meditation and spiritual awakening experience about 30 years ago in my early teenage years. Since then I have dedicated a substantial part of my life to learning and practicing different meditation techniques, holistic therapies, bodywork, yoga, and Tai Chi, as studying Buddhist philosophy, and other religious traditions. I started to teach Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes in 2005 in Galway when we moved to Ireland and now focused on using sound for well-being.​

Promoting Mental Well-Being for Men and Younger Generations

I am an experienced facilitator, working with small and large groups for the last 15 years. Every year I work with thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds. I love to share my knowledge and experience, offer guidance, and facilitate a safe environment for everyone to work within themselves. I have a passion for working with younger generations and promoting mental well-being for men. I have been involved in men's circles since 2013.

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